Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced 20 – 24 nodes

Rp 1,056,000 / Year

This tier includes all the functionality delivered by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select, plus additional advanced technologies that do even more to protect your business.

  • > Detects and patches vulnerabilities to reduce attack entry-points
  • > Saves time by automating OS and software deployment tasks
  • > Streamlines centralized security management with a web or cloud console
  • > Encrypts data to prevent damage from data leakage on a lost device
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED
Adaptive security like no other

Your business holds sensitive data that must be kept safe, which is why we do more than just protect every endpoint. Automated EDR detects advanced threats, while server hardening enhances high-performance protection with additional application, web and device controls, to prevent the theft of corporate and financial information.

Adaptive security for everyone

Identifies vulnerabilities and applies the latest patches to close attack entry-points, as well as letting you control which applications are allowed to run on your servers. Complemented by enterprise-grade web and device controls and a centralized security management console.

Automated EDR against attacks

Endpoint detection and response capabilities that identify abnormal behavior, automatically detecting and remediating targeted ransomware and in particular fileless threats which try to mimic common behavior like PowerShell script execution.

Extra protection for servers and data

Our Linux and Windows Server security has been developed specifically for high-performance servers. Encryption functions – plus OS-embedded firewall and encryption management – guard corporate and customer information to help you achieve key compliance goals, including GDPR.

Simplified systems management

Automates software tasks including the creation, storage and cloning of system images – saving you time whenever you need to roll out new systems or update software on existing systems.

Openness… no other vendor can match

We’re pioneers in providing the highest levels of transparency and data sovereignty, as well as neutrality. We process core data in geopolitically neutral Switzerland, where our partners can review our source code.